Shut minor cuts on the jobsite with out stitches with the ZipStitch

The ZipStitch laceration package offers surgical-quality wound closure for minor cuts as much as 1.5 inches lengthy, the corporate says.

The package consists of two 1.5-inch strips which are linked by 4 zip-ties that may be adjusted to shut the wound. It doesn’t require any needles or puncturing the pores and skin.

“ZipStitch acts as a scaffold or cage across the wound, isolating and defending the wound from person motion that may pull on the wound and disrupt therapeutic,” the corporate says. “Best for a primary support package, ZipStitch can save money and time and supply peace-of-mind for employees who’re out of vary of a hospital.”

The package additionally features a gauze pad to cease bleeding, an alcohol wipe to wash the realm and a bandage to cowl the wound. Every package prices $30, with reductions for purchases of bigger portions.

ZipStitch has been authorised by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration and has been used since 2014 in working rooms and emergency rooms, the corporate says. It says the gadget offers higher wound safety and fewer probability of scarring than stitches or staples.