Copper vs. Aluminum Wiring

Written by TDR Electrical in Vancouver.

Most wires in properties and companies use copper. Copper wiring is right for electrical use as it is extremely conducive and even when it rusts, there’s nonetheless uninterrupted electrical circulation to the house and enterprise.

Residential and business buildings constructed in 1950s and 1970s converted to aluminum wiring as a result of elevated prices of copper and the cheaper value of aluminum. Apparently, aluminum has a greater conductivity when in comparison with copper however aluminum wiring does have some severe hazards, corresponding to:

1. Aluminum is far softer than copper. This may be harmful because the wiring can simply be minimize and broken exposing wires to the weather.

2. When aluminum rusts, it slows down the continuity of electrical energy to the house

3. Aluminum will increase and reduces in diameter when it turns into scorching. This could trigger unfastened wires and connections

The above hazards must be taken severely as they’ll trigger overheating and electrical fires resulting in damage.

Presence of Aluminum Wiring

For those who expertise some issues together with your electrical energy, the house might have aluminum wiring current. YOu ought to contact electricians in Vancouver for those who discover indicators of aluminum wiring:

1. Periodic flickering of lights

2. Mild switches and shops are heat and altering colors

3. Repeated tripping of breakers and fuses

4. Sparks or smoke coming from receptacles and switches

If any of those indicators are current, contact a TDR Electrician instantly to examine the home for aluminum wiring.